Individual counseling

Short-term individual counseling (beyond initial assessment/consultation) is offered based on a variety of factors, such as availability, client-therapist fit, and level of care needed for treatment.

Based on these factors, WSU Vancouver Counseling Services faculty and staff will provide students with brief individual therapy services or referral resources within the community for longer-term counseling.

Same-day appointments

Student life can be stressful, and many students are dealing with multiple problems. To make sure help is available to you, Counseling Services reserves up to four, 30-minute same-day appointments for students who would like to be seen sooner, or who would prefer a single, focused appointment rather than ongoing counseling. To be seen for a same-day appointment, please contact us to schedule. In order to make same-day appointments accessible to all students, these can only be scheduled up to 24-hours in advance.