Your VanCoug Journey Success Plan

Take charge of your future with your VanCoug Journey Success Plan.

It's a great way to make the most of your time at WSU Vancouver and to prepare for what you want to do when you graduate. Use your success plan to plot out your courses and other activities each semester and stay on track to reach your goals. Consider your VanCoug Journey Success Plan a map for your time on campus, focusing on six strategies for college success.

Strategies for college success

  • Major and career—Explore or confirm major(s) and investigate related careers and occupations.
  • Faculty and staff—Connect with faculty and staff to establish and expand your campus network to support you in your goals.
  • Campus resources—Use campus resources to maximize your learning.
  • Financial literacy—Take steps to understand how to manage your finances.
  • Peers and campus involvement—Move outside your comfort zone to make meaningful connections and be involved on campus.
  • School-life balance—Make time for your priorities, including yourself and those important to you.

Get started

Update your VanCoug Journey Success Plan each semester, and bring it with you to discuss in your advising sessions with your academic coordinator.

Save your new updated copy for each semester in your Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive account. When saving, create a folder in OneDrive to store your VanCoug Journey Success Plan, and give each semester's plan a unique filename that reflects its year and term.

Start your VanCoug Journey Success Plan today to pursue your own vision of success. At WSU Vancouver, you can make your college experience what you want it to be. Download the Success Plan Template to get started:

Success Plan Template (DOCX)