Student Wellness Center

Counseling and health services

The Student Wellness Center provides free, confidential counseling and basic health care services.

Counseling Services Health Services


Student Wellness Center staff are available by phone, email and video conferencing. To contact or schedule with staff in Counseling Services or Health Services, please leave a detailed voicemail message at 360-546-9238 or email us at or

Location and hours

The Student Wellness Center is located in Classroom Building, Room 160.

Please note: the Access Center office is located in Classroom Building, Room 110. If you have questions about accommodations, email or contact 360-546-9739.

Student Wellness Center regular hours of operation*
Day Hours
Thursday 9 a.m. – 2 p.m

*The reception desk will be closed daily at noon for 30 minutes. Additionally, the reception desk may be closed for meetings and other events, typically no longer than 1 hour. The return time will be posted on the reception desk window.