Disability Services

Welcome to Disability Services at Washington State University Vancouver!

Our mission is to provide our students equal access to academic and campus-related activities.  Our goal is to support and encourage students as they fulfill their academic and life aspirations.  

Disability Services works with students, staff, and faculty to create, improve, and maintain access for students with disabilities.  We are available to address questions and assist with understanding accommodations and next steps.  We are also available if you are not sure if you have a disability and we hope you will stop by to find information and learn about resources.  

Faculty and staff – if you have questions about disability related topics or accommodations for students, we are a resource.  Please check out the information available on this website and consult with us.  

As part of the Student Resource Center, we are located on the ground floor of the Student Services Center.  Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any concerns or questions, and again – welcome!

Accessing services

Step-by-Step Process

I have a documented disability, I think I may have a disability.

Services Offered and Requisite Responsibilities

Alternative print formats, adaptive classroom furniture, d/deaf and hard-of-hearing, note taking, alternative testing.

Documentation Guidelines

General guidelines, disability specific guidelines.

Accommodation Request Timelines

Time and steps required of student in order for accommodation requests to be met by Disability Services.


For answers, contact the Student Resource Center at 360-546-9155, disability@vancouver.wsu.edu or stop by the Disability Services office located on the ground floor of the Student Services Center (VSSC).