Tuition and affordability

Anticipating your tuition expenses

Full-time undergraduate costs for the 2016/2017 academic year.

  Residents Nonresidents
Tuition $9,883 $24,515
Books $960 $960
Total $10,843 $25,475

Tuition dropping: 2016/17 in-state undergraduate tuition costs 15 percent LESS than fall 2014.

Graduate students: See graduate tuition and fees.

Did you know?

Tuition seems like such a big number but there's more to the story. Individual students who completed the FAFSA last January, met all financial aid deadlines and qualified for the maximum need-based aid available received the following 2015/16 federal and state grants:

  • Federal Pell Grant +$5,775
  • WA State Need Grant +$10,351
  • Total award = $16,081

That's enough to cover tuition and books!

  • Are you a College Bound Scholarship student? Your tuition is covered in full.
  • Are you a transfer student? Good news. You're eligible for significantly more financial aid when you file the FAFSA.

Invest in yourself

Attending college may be more affordable than you think. Many of our students find they can live at home while attending WSU and save money on housing costs.

The FAFSA will help you determine your eligibility for federal student aid. If you are an undocumented student, file the WASFA.

File the 2017/18 FAFSA or WASFA now.

Paying for your WSU Vancouver education:

To assess what college might cost you personally, see the WSU financial aid estimator.