Degrees, Majors and Programs

WSU Vancouver offers bachelor’s degrees in popular majors such as business, computer science and engineering, as well as master’s and doctoral degrees. Your education will prepare you for a successful career after graduation.

Bachelor's degrees

Major Degree
Anthropology B.A.
Biology B.S.
Business Administration B.A.
Computer Science B.S.
Digital Technology and Culture B.A.
Earth and Environmental Science B.S.
Electrical Engineering B.S.
Elementary Education B.A.
English B.A.
History B.A.
Hospitality Business Management B.A.
Human Development B.A.
Humanities B.A.
Mechanical Engineering B.S.
Neuroscience B.S.
Nursing B.S.
Psychology B.S.
Public Affairs B.A.
Social Sciences B.A.
Sociology B.A.


Area of study  
Accounting major
Business Administration major
Finance major
Management major
Management Information Systems major
Marketing major


Area of study  
Addiction Studies minor
Business Administration minor
Communication minor
Criminal Justice minor
Entrepreneurship minor
Film Studies minor
Fine Arts minor
Foreign Languages & Cultures minor
Gerontology minor
Hospitality Business Management minor
Human Resources Management minor
Political Science minor
Spanish minor
Women's Studies minor

Certificates and concentrations

Area of study  
Gerontology certificate
Honors Program concentration
Human Services Case Management and Administration certificate
Personnel Psychology/Human Resources concentration
Pre-Health concentration
Pre-Law concentration
Professional Sales certificate
Professional Writing certificate

Graduate degrees

Major Degree
American Studies** Ph.D.
Anthropology* Ph.D.
Biology and Plant Biology* M.S., Ph.D.
Business M.B.A.
Computer Science M.S.
Criminal Justice** Ph.D.
Education M.A., M.I.T., M.Ed, Ph.D. Ed.D.
English** Ph.D.
Environmental Science M.S.
Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences* Ph.D.
Experimental Psychology* Ph.D.
History** Ph.D.
Mathematics* M.S., Ph.D.
Mechanical Engineering M.S.
Neuroscience* Ph.D.
Nursing M.N., DNP
Political Science** Ph.D.
Prevention Science Ph.D.
Public Affairs M.P.A.
Sociology** Ph.D.

* **These doctoral programs are officially offered through the Pullman campus, although students may complete *ALL or **SOME of their degree requirements on the Vancouver campus. Students interested in these Ph.D. programs must apply to WSU Pullman to be accepted. Prospective doctoral students are encouraged to contact the department about the availability of coursework, research and faculty advisors at the Vancouver campus.

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