Grievance Policy and Procedures

Washington State University Procedures


If you are registered with the Access Center and believe you have been negatively impacted by Access Center staff, policies or procedures, or you believe that an assigned accommodation is not being appropriately provided, review the Grievance Policy and Procedures webpage for guidance. The Access Center staff across all WSU campuses share one grievance process to support students from all campuses.


You may raise questions and concerns about disability services/accommodations when you believe a requested accommodation may be a fundamental alteration to your course. Contact the student's access advisor (named in the faculty notification letter), not the student seeking the accommodation.

If communication between you and the access advisor does not resolve the concern, an ad hoc committee will be formed. The committee may include: yourself, department chair, associate dean, access advisor, ADA coordinator, and/or others with knowledge of the academic area, related licensing requirements, applicable accreditation standards, the student's disability and accommodation methods. The committee will decide whether the requested accommodation constitutes a fundamental alteration of the academic requirements or program. This committee is considered a part of the interactive process, which is required by law.

In the meantime, you are obligated to provide all uncontested accommodations as stated in the faculty notification letter until resolution is reached. If the ad hoc committee decides an accommodation is not a fundamental alteration, the accommodation will be provided retroactively to the date of the faculty notification.