Semester Tuition and Fees

WSU does not mail billing statements.

Student account information is available through myWSU. Questions about your account should be directed to the Office of Student Affairs at 360-546-9559 or email

Please view the table and links below relevant to the current semester for detailed information related to payment Information, other fees and charges and cancellation of enrollment refund policy.

Tuition and fees for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

Full-time fees (per semester) Undergraduate Graduate
Resident (10-18 hours) $5,441.50 $5,875.50
over 18 hours + $518/credit + $561/credit
Nonresident (10-18 hours) $12,241.50 $12,591.50
over 18 hours + $1,198/credit + $1,233/credit

Fees are based on credit hour enrollments: 1 – 9 credits are charged part-time fees; 10 – 18 credits are charged full-time fees; 19 credits and above are charged full-time fees plus an additional charge per credit hour for each credit over 18. The credit hours listed on this table are for fee purposes only. Full-time undergraduate enrollment is typically 12 credit hours.

Part-time fees per credit hour

For undergraduate students, the per credit fee is $544 for residents (in-state) and $1,224 for non-residents (out-of-state). For graduate students, the per credit fee is $587 for residents and $1,259 for non-residents. There is a two credit hour minimum charge for part-time fees.