Alternative testing services

This guide will cover alternative testing accommodations and other useful information.

How to request alternative testing

Step 1: Apply for accommodations

First time users only.

Step 2: Log into MyAccess and sign E-Forms

Review forms carefully as policies or procedures may have changed.

Step 3: Request accommodations

Select the "Alternative Testing" checkbox under each course for which you are requesting this accommodation.

Step 4: Alternative Testing Agreements

Once you have requested alternative testing for a course, your instructor will need to fill out the Alternative Testing Agreement (ATA) before you will be able to schedule exams.

  • You can find your “To-Do List” under the “Important Messages” heading directly below the “Overview” heading at the top of your dashboard.
  • If your instructor has not yet completed the agreement, your “To-Do List” will state:

“Alternative Testing: Your instructor has not submitted an alternative testing agreement for this class. Please let your instructor know that the link to initiate an alternative testing agreement is inside the faculty notification letter sent by our office.”

  • If your instructor has not submitted an ATA within one week of your initial accommodation discussion, please email the Testing Office at for assistance.
  • Once your instructor has submitted the ATA, your “To-Do List” will state:

“Alternative Testing: You have not scheduled any exams for this class.”

Step 5: Review alternative testing details

  • Select “Alternative Testing” from the "My Accommodations" section of the navigation menu.
  • Choose a course from the drop-down menu and select “View Alternative Testing Detail.”
    • Be sure to do this prior to scheduling an exam.
  • Here you will find information submitted by your instructor, such as dates and durations of exams and permitted resources.
  • Confirm that the information listed in the ATA is correct and email your instructor and the Testing Office if you have any questions.
    • Note: The Testing Office staff cannot approve the use of additional resources or alternative start times without explicit instructor approval.
    • Be sure to review the question regarding alternative start times. If you are not able to schedule your exam at the time specified by your instructor, you are responsible for acquiring approval from your instructor for an alternate start time. Testing staff cannot approve alternate days or times without prior instructor approval.

How to schedule an exam

  • Select your class from the drop down menu and review the alternative testing details for that course to learn when you can schedule exams and what resources, if any, are allowable.
  • Once you have reviewed the alternative testing details, return to the top of the page and select “Schedule an Exam.”
  • Choose a “Request Type” from the first drop-down selection box.
  • Select your campus: Vancouver
  • Enter the date of the exam using a Month/Date/Year format. (e.g. 12/31/2010)
  • Enter the start time of the exam.
  • Indicate the accommodations that you would like to utilize for your exam by selecting the checkboxes listed in “Services Requested.”
  • Select “Add Exam Request” at the bottom of the page.

Late exams

  • If your exam request is submitted late, you will be brought to the "Late Exam Notice" page. This is used to notify students that they have submitted an exam request with less than the required notice (three business days for midterms and ten business days for finals).
  • Review the information carefully and select the reason that your request is late from the “Reason” drop-down menu. Provide additional information in the “Additional Information” text field (located directly below the drop-down) as needed.
  • Select the “I have read and understand the late exam request policy above” checkbox.
  • Select the “Submit Late Exam Request” button at the bottom of the page.

Modifying exam requests

  • You can review all scheduled exams by navigating to the "Alternative Testing" area of your dashboard.
  • If you need to change your exam request, select the exam you wish to change and choose the "Modify Request" option located after the exam date and time information.
  • Keep in mind that changes to the day or time of your exam require instructor approval.

Frequently asked questions

My class does not show up in the drop-down menu, but my instructor says they submitted the ATA? What do I do?

Contact us at We will reach out to faculty to determine next steps.

It’s less than three days to the exam and my instructor hasn’t submitted the ATA, what do I do?

Contact us at if your exam is coming up. We will assist with getting the ATA from your instructor. Your exam request will not be considered late.

What if I add or drop a class?

Dropped classes will be automatically cancelled in MyAccess. If you add a class, you will need to request accommodations and schedule exams for this course, even if it is a different section of the same course.

What if I decide to take the exam in class?

Email to let us know you are cancelling your exam.

Sample Alternative Testing Agreement forms

Sample Alternative Testing Agreement (remote) Form:

Sample Alternative Testing Agreement (remote) Form screenshot

Sample Alternative Testing Agreement (on campus) Form:

Sample Alternative Testing Agreement (on campus) Form screenshot