Student Affairs and Enrollment mission statement and strategic plan

Five year strategic plan—2017 – 2021

Mission statement

Student Affairs and Enrollment is committed to the holistic development of students, providing programs and services that empower students to realize their educational goals and personal potential.

Vision statement

Student Affairs and Enrollment aspires to achieve an exemplary level of innovative and student-centered programs, services, and infrastructure, in support of a growing and diverse population while becoming a competitive destination campus.

Goal 1: Champion student development and success

  • Foster learning within the context of holistic student development
  • Increase student engagement in co-curricular activities
  • Create opportunities for personal, professional, and social growth

Goal 2: Deliver quality service

  • Provide timely, accurate, equitable, and consistently accessible service
  • Develop and refine services and programs that align with and support campus strategic initiatives
  • Effectively utilize existing and future personnel, resources, facilities, and space to meet evolving needs
  • Strategically incorporate technology for efficiency and accessibility

Goal 3: Facilitate enrollment and persistence

  • Facilitate campus enrollment growth
  • Foster an enrollment management culture
  • Provide programs and services that promote student retention and persistence to graduation

Goal 4: Cultivate diversity

  • Develop, promote, and sustain an inclusive environment that advances opportunities for respectful dialogue
  • Integrate and embed equity mindedness in the Student Affairs and Enrollment culture
  • Promote social justice
  • Lead diversity efforts for recruitment, retention, and development of students

Goal 5: Actively promote Student Affairs and Enrollment staff development

  • Provide ongoing professional development in alignment with career growth and unit needs
  • Facilitate staff comprehension and application of professional competencies within job responsibilities
  • Infuse Student Affairs Values and Philosophy