For Faculty and Staff

Reasonable Accommodation Syllabus Statement

As an institution of higher education, we have a responsibility to inform students with disabilities about the process of accessing reasonable accommodations. As you prepare course materials for the upcoming semester, please include the following Reasonable Accommodation Syllabus Statement.

Students with Disabilities: Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. If you have a disability and need accommodations to fully participate in this class, please contact the Access Center at 360-546-9238 or The Access Center is located in the Classroom Building, Room 160. Accommodations may take some time to implement so it is critical that you contact the Access Center as soon as possible.

All accommodations must be approved through the Access Center.

WSU Online Course Syllabus Statement

The following statement is included for online courses:

Reasonable accommodations are available with online classes for students with a documented disability. All accommodations must be approved through your WSU Disability Services office. If you have a disability and need accommodations, we recommend you begin the process as soon as possible.

For more information contact an Access Center Coordinator on your home campus:

Frequently asked questions

What happens when a student has a disability that requires an accommodation?

  • The student provides professional documentation of his/her disability to the Access Center.
  • The Access Center Coordinator reviews the documentation and meets with the student to determine what reasonable accommodations are needed to meet our legal obligation to the student.
  • Students will have an Access Center Letter of Accommodation (LOA) form that identifies the accommodations they will need. These accommodations may include provision of alternate testing services, course materials in a form other than print, interpreting or transcription services, note taking services, and assistive technology and equipment, among others. If you have any questions about accommodations, or aren’t sure what your role is, please call us at 360-546-9238.
  • Students are to review this form with you and ask for your signature. They will provide a copy of that form for your confidential files. Students who have been approved for accommodations have been instructed by the Access Center to meet with their faculty members during their office hours if preferred, or before or after class.
  • We ask that instructors sign a completed Access Center LOA, to indicate awareness of the accommodations.
  • Over the course of the semester, if a student’s needs change, he or she will bring you a new Access Center LOA, with the new accommodations outlined.
  • Some accommodations may require discussion with you, to achieve the best fit for the student. Our Access Center staff may call or email you to discuss strategies or options.

Additionally, we also ask that all faculty include a statement in each syllabus acknowledging students’ rights to a reasonable accommodation.

A student says s/he needs accommodations for a disability. What should I tell the student?

Ask if the student has been approved for accommodations through the Access Center. If not, direct the student to the Access Center located in the Classroom Building, Room 160, or to the Access Center website. If approved for accommodations, the student should have a Letter of Accommodation outlining the accommodations and giving contact information. We encourage faculty to work with the Access Center before providing accommodations to students.

A student recently failed an assignment or exam and now says s/he has a disability. Are accommodations retroactive?

Accommodations are not retroactive. However, if you wish to give the student a chance to do better on an exam, you may do so. After appropriate accommodations have been established through the Access Center, you can choose whether to allow the student to repeat the assignment or retake the exam with accommodations in place.

I suspect a student in my class has a disability. What are my next steps?

The Access Center coordinator is available to discuss how best to refer a student to the Access Center. However, it is important to note that it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to initiate contact with the Access Center.

You are encouraged to set up a one-on-one meeting with the student and give him or her a list of campus resources, including contact information for the Access Center, to encourage success.

A non-native English speaking student has asked to get a copy of the notes that are provided to a fellow student as coordinated by Access Center. What should I do?

Note taking through the Access Center is provided exclusively to students who have a documented disability. Notes are not provided to other students unless they qualify for disability services. If the student needs assistance with a disability, please make a referral to the Access Center.

If I have questions or concerns, with whom can I discuss a student’s disability accommodations?

The Access Center coordinator is available for consultations. You may refer students’ questions directly to the coordinator. Please remember that any information the student shares with you should be held in confidence. Do not discuss accommodations with the student in front of the class or allow Letters of Accommodation to be in places where others may see them.

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