Couseling expectations

Knowing what to expect with WSU Vancouver counseling services can make going through the process a little easier.

Before your session

  • Schedule an appointment with a counselor by emailing, calling 360-546-9238, or stopping by Classroom Building 160.
  • Complete paperwork via a virtual link provided by our center or in-person.

Initial session

  • Meet your counselor and familiarize yourself with the Student Wellness Center.
  • Review your background, history and symptoms.
  • Discuss what brought you to counseling and clarify your mental health and wellness goals.
  • Determine whether individual counseling, a community-based referral or on-campus resources would be right for you.

Counseling sessions

  • Meet with your counselor for 45-50 minute sessions in a supportive and confidential manner.
  • Explore and process emotional distress.
  • Identify areas for personal growth.
  • Work on objectives to reach mental health and wellness goals.