S&A Fees frequently asked questions

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What are S&A Fees?

Services and Activities (S&A) Fees are one component of the total tuition and fees that students pay. The three components of “tuition and fees” are building fees, operating fees and S&A Fees.

What can S&A funds be used for?

These funds are used to support non-academic student activities, programs, and projects on the WSU Vancouver campus (e.g. student government, performances, speakers, services, facilities and equipment for students). Learn more about spending your S&A Fee allocation (PDF).

Who may request funds?

Any WSU Vancouver group, organization or individual may request funds. Recognized student organizations (RSOs) should pursue funding support through ASWSUV.

What is the source of the funding?

A portion of WSU Vancouver student tuition is earmarked for S&A Fees. This will appear in students' myWSU "Account Details" as an item labeled "VANCO UGRD Res Tui-S&A."

Do all students pay S&A Fees? How much is it?

Yes, all students pay S&A Fees. The fee is the same amount for all students who take 10 credits or more, regardless of their degree, class status (undergrad or grad), or residency status. For students taking less than 10 credit hours, the fee is 1/10th of the full-time rate for each credit hour, with a minimum charge of two credits. Review historical S&A Fee numbers.

Who sets the S&A Fee amount?

The S&A Fee amount is recommended by the S&A Fee Allocation Committee and approved by the Board of Regents.

How are S&A Fees allocated?

By the S&A Fee Allocation Committee. This committee makes recommendations for both S&A operating and facility funds. Each spring, the S&A Fee Allocation Committee meets to review budget requests submitted by various campus entities (e.g. ASWSUV). After budget hearings, the committee makes recommendations for allocations for the next fiscal year. The recommendations are forwarded to the campus Chancellor, then to the University President who then forwards to the Board of Regents for approval.

Who is on the S&A Fee Allocation Committee?

The S&A Fee Allocation Committee is comprised primarily of students with two administrators and a faculty member.

If I am a student, how can I get involved with the S&A Fee Allocation Committee?

Student recommendations for service on the committee are made by the ASWSUV president and forwarded to the Chancellor for approval.

Why are S&A Fees being charged during remote instruction?

Many of the co-curricular functions that the fee supports remain in place and available to support students in a remote learning environment. This includes but not limited to:

  • Health Services
  • Counseling Services
  • ASWSUV Advocacy, Programming, Compensation...
  • OSI Programming, Involvement Packages     o    Cougar Food Pantry
  • Campus Rec, Outdoor Trips, Equipment Rental
  • Club Operating Budgets
  • Financial Literacy
  • Career Services

What factors are considered when reducing/increasing the S&A fee?

The overall requests of funded units and projects are reviewed along with an analysis of current and projected enrollment.  Enrollment drives the funding available and the committee allocates based on the ability and needs of these units to serve students.