Major and career exploration

Some students start college knowing exactly what they want to study and have a defined plan and career goals from the beginning. However, the majority of college students do not.

Choosing a major can feel like an overwhelming decision. So often students associate the major they choose with a specific career path. While there are several majors that lead to fairly defined career paths, the major you choose may or may not directly influence your career decision. Many majors do not necessarily determine your career, but rather help you develop the key transferrable skills you need for many types of jobs.

Your VanCoug Journey

Throughout your VanCoug Journey, you will have opportunities to engage in in meaningful learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. The experience you gain through coursework, group projects, participating in workshops and VanCoug Journey Events, joining registered student organizations, and jobs and internships will further help you define your likes and interests while also helping you develop transferrable skills (PDF) that are desired by employers.

Explore degrees, majors and programs

As you explore the degrees, majors and programs offered at WSU Vancouver, be sure to:

  • Use your VanCoug Journey Success Plan to plot out your courses and other activities each semester that help you work toward your goals
  • Reflect on your personality, interests, values and skills
  • Examine degree requirements, paying close attention to courses of interest
  • Speak with faculty members who conduct research and teach courses within majors of interest
  • Connect with your academic coordinator to discuss your goals and the majors you are considering
  • Research careers of interest using tools like O*Net OnLine and the Occupational Outlook Handbook

Use support resources

As a VanCoug, you have a large support network and many resources available to you throughout your major and career exploration process. Take time to: