Community College President's Award

Leadership and service

Transfer students

This award is designed for transfer students who have leadership potential, are community-service oriented and have an excellent GPA.

Students are nominated by their community college’s president and receive a renewable full resident tuition award. (This award cannot combine with other waiver programs over the cost of tuition and fees.)

We accept nominations every year from Centralia College, Clark College and Lower Columbia College.

Contact your community college President’s Office for nomination information.

2018/19 recipients

Heather Beaird

Heather Beaird—Centralia College

Beaird credits her family with helping her get through school. She is the single mother of a 13-year-old son who, she said, inspires her to do her best. They live with her mother, whose support enables her to study and volunteer in the community. Beaird is involved with both local and state PTA. She was on the board of the Lewis County Historical Society, wrote background materials for its Indian Gallery and served as a docent. She worked with the George Washington Bicentennial Committee in honor of Centralia’s founder, who was a leading African American pioneer of the Pacific Northwest. She also helped get the Lewis County Historic Courthouse listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2018, Beaird completed her A.A. degree at Centralia while serving as an officer for the Phi Theta Kappa honor society and as a student leader. She plans to earn a doctorate in history and teach at the college level.

Clinton Howard

Clinton Howard—Lower Columbia College

A first-generation, low-income student, Clinton Howard enrolled at Lower Columbia College in 2016 and quickly distinguished himself. He was the 2017 president of Phi Theta Kappa honor society and its 2018 vice president of service. He was also LCC’s student body president and active on numerous college committees. His extensive community involvement includes helping to establish a literacy program and partnership with St. Helens Elementary School in Longview, Wash., a rebuilding project related to Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and advocacy with the Washington State Legislature for funding for low-income college students. Among several awards, he was selected for the 2018 All-Washington Academic Team and the national Coca-Cola Academic Team. At WSU Vancouver, he is pursuing a degree in organizational psychology.

Grace Moe

Grace Moe—Clark College

Ever since starting school, Moe dreamed of earning a bachelor’s degree. In the fall of 2016, she entered the Running Start program. Wanting to do more for her community and school, she ran for student government at Clark College and eventually became student body president. She continued to volunteer and work while completing her A.A. degree in business administration. At WSU Vancouver, she intends to earn that coveted bachelor's degree with a double major in finance and marketing.

Past award recipients


  • Josiah J. Corwin—Centralia College
  • Nicholas Freese—Clark College
  • Andrew Jaspers—Lower Columbia Community College


  • Tanner Byman—Lower Columbia College
  • Elsa Gomez—Portland Community College
  • Bailey Peters—Centralia College
  • Nuvia Ramirez-Romero—Mt. Hood Community College
  • Holly Varner—Clark College


  • Cheyenne DeFrates—Lower Columbia College
  • Alseny Diallo—Portland Community College
  • Kathy Fockler—Clark College
  • Joscha Oswald—Centralia College
  • Skye Troy—Mt. Hood Community College


  • Yesenia Herrera,—Portland Community College
  • Natasha Hambrook—Clark College
  • Beija Robbins—Mt. Hood Community College
  • Rashida Ullah—Centralia College
  • Anna Davis—Lower Columbia College


  • Momodou Musa Bah—Portland Community College
  • Ramona Vercher—Clark Community College
  • Brett Merritt—Lower Columbia College
  • Antonio Guerrero—Mt. Hood Community College
  • Travis Kinney—Centralia College


  • Hoa Le—Lower Columbia College
  • John Hoffman—Centralia College
  • Britany Martin—Portland Community College
  • Tami Eldridge—Clark College
  • Beatriz Madriz-Rodriguez—Mt. Hood Community College


  • Inva Begolli—Clark College
  • Nicole Buckner—Portland Community College
  • Margaret Debevec—Centralia College
  • Tia Glover—Mt Hood Community College
  • Brian Jurvakainen—Lower Columbia College


  • Sheila Rae Henrickson—Clark College
  • Melissa Knudson—Lower Columbia College
  • George W Lewis III—Mt. Hood Community College
  • Hanna Mekonen—Portland Community College
  • Daniel Morrison—Centralia College


  • Dora Hernandez—Clark College
  • Janine Johnston—Mt. Hood Community College
  • Golnaz Koloushani—Centralia College
  • Jeffrey Northington—Lower Columbia College
  • Henry Ortega—Portland Community College


  • Cynthia Bergman—Centralia College
  • Angela Dahlke—Lower Columbia College
  • Marneet Lewis—Portland Community College
  • Kenneth Nyholm—Clark College


  • Nicole Chittock—Lower Columbia College
  • Carol Lopez-Gustin—Clark College
  • Victor McBrooks—Portland Community College
  • Stanley Noga—Centralia College


  • Vanessa Brockman—Centralia College
  • Asalie Groff—Lower Columbia College
  • Pamela Sullivan—Clark College


  • Maria Cook—Centralia College
  • Sherry Murphy—Clark College
  • Steven Gresswell—Clark College
  • Jennifer McLean—Lower Columbia College
  • Veronica Ross—Portland Community College


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